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The limitations of BSA-based dosing prevent oncologists from being able to accurately titer the dosage of 5-FU for the majority of individual patients, which results in sub-optimal treatment efficacy or excessive toxicity.Genetic variations within the DPD gene (DPYD) can lead to reduced or absent DPD activity, and individuals who are heterozygous or homozygous for these variations may have partial or complete DPD deficiency; an estimated 0.2% of individuals have complete DPD deficiency.

We are currently using animal models, in vitro studies and biochemical approaches to understand the mechanisms of REDD1-mediated tumor suppression.

Partial nitritation/anammox (PN/A) has been one of the most innovative developments in biological wastewater treatment in recent years.

With its discovery in the 1990s a completely new way of ammonium removal from wastewater became available.

Our success in defining novel functional interactions within the p53 family provides new therapeutic possibilities for these treatment-refractory malignancies.

TOR Signaling and the p53-Regulated Stress Response One gene to emerge from our efforts to identify new pathways regulated by p53 family members is REDD1, a critical negative regulator of the TOR kinase that modulates the activity of the Tuberous Sclerosis tumor suppressor complex.

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