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Be prepared to bargain, and to receive a history lesson with each purchase.

Georgian dumplings are plump, round pouches filled with minced meat, chopped onion and spices.

As the birthplace and one of the most vibrant centers of Christianity in Georgia, Mtskheta was declared as the "Holy City" by the Georgian Orthodox Church in 2014.

It was capital of the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia (Kartli) from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD.

The old city lies at the confluence of the rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi.

The country (not the US state) seems primed to be one of the hottest tourist destinations for 2017, as travellers are freshly obsessed with the fashion, the mountain trekking, the architecture, and the good eats. Georgian Airways launched direct flights from Gatwick to Tbilisi over the weekend; next month, Wizz Air will start a route to Kutaisi from Luton. Here are our top 10 tips for what to do in Tbilisi.

The study of caves in Georgia, scientifically known as Speleology, was topic of our monthly seminars in July! This project was a 4 week long intensive training program that focused on improving the business planning, project management, and marketing skills of the 10 trainees.

Information and potential for discovering beautiful and ancient caves in Georgia were presented by Nikoloz Tushabramishvili. The trainees attended sessions focused on these topic areas and then used this knowledge to work in groups to create 4 new tours in the Tbilisi area.

About our trips Here at Oasis we pride ourselves on being small enough to give a personal service and have 20 years experience of operating overland tours.

Our experienced crew will take you to the most fascinating places on earth and know the best places to stay and explore.

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